I'm Amy Miller, the owner of branch and bloom floral design.  I started my business in 2012 out of a small greenhouse in Pepper Pike, Ohio with a strong commitment to buying local flowers, fruits and branches from nearby farms for my arrangements. 

My designs begin with lush, fragrant blooms, many of which are cut within 48 hours of the wedding or event that I am designing for.  Because the flowers that I work with are so fresh from harvest - they are heavy with scent and simply gorgeous.  


My arrangements largely reflect what the local flower farms and orchards are growing during spring, summer, and fall, but in the colder months, I utilize bulbs, branches and flowers imported from warmer climates.  In my quest to get the freshest and most unusual flowers for my clients, I even cultivate a small flower farm of my own!  I grow over 50 varieties of European and American heirloom flowers for use in my designs.  

Many of my clients become good friends during the process of selecting flowers and discussing how to design all of the elements of an event.  I am easy to reach, fun to work with, and my prices are very competitive.  I am fully committed to collaborating with my clients and delivering a product that I have complete quality control over.

So if you're looking for a florist who will run through the dahlia fields with a color swatch from your bridesmaid dresses - then you have found her.  I am passionate about what I do and I am excited to share my complete love of flowers with you.